What We Do, We Do Well.

Our team blends a wide array of expertise in political science, data science, web programming, and web design in order to provide our clients with comprehensive solutions. We excel at consulting. Providing the data only takes you half way there and we prefer, we love, being involved in the job from gathering the data to implementation of a solution.

From evaluating and determining how and where to invest in the growth of your community, to understanding the benefits and returns of your existing programs, to demonstrating the results or your projects, our team has you covered.

Workforce and economic development organizations benefit from our experience and successes in every facet of this arena including the following:

  • Economic Impact Assesment
  • Supply Chain Analysis
  • Economic Feasibility Assessment
  • Skills Gap Analysis
  • Industry Cluster Analysis

Our political science solutions help organizations analyze and evaluate their systems, relationships and outcomes. These valuable insights lead to educated strategies, informed decisions and increased customer value.

Along with years of experience our solutions include:

  • Survey Research
  • Strategic Planning
  • Grant/Proposal Writing
  • Questionnaires
  • Data Collection
  • Focus Group Facilitation
  • Market Research

As experienced full stack web developers we are not only proficient and familiar with each layer of web development, we are experts. We know how to make everything work together and we understand what can break, why it breaks, and how to fix it.

With this skill and knowledge, we work side-by-side with our clients to create and provide custom solutions in the following areas:

  • Custom Web Applications
  • Data Integration
  • Custom Analytic Tools
  • Web Design
  • Custom APIs
  • Mobile Phone Apps

For data to be of any benefit it has to be molded into actionable intelligence. Our proprietary Analytic Tools providing workforce and economic development professionals with the resources and information necessary to make informed decisions. Informed decisions lead to successful projects.

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Hexad is not just another analytics company.

Our industry has become stale, accepting less that it should from data providers, analysts and consultants. We want to disrupt that. We want to help carry the learnings from the data to a plan and implementation that will exceed our client’s expectations; to a solution that will impress their bosses; to a success that will help our clients realize the full potential of their advantages.

There are many reasons but two key ones would be 1) to bring fresh, unbiased perspective, and 2) for specific project experience that may not exist locally.

Our company is new, but our team is experienced. We’ve been delivering for more than a decade, blending our expertise in economics, political science, data science, web programming and web design.

We love what we do and for us that makes going to work feel like a day at the beach.