Our Story.

Frustration. That’s the word that led to the creation of Hexad.

Throughout our careers, we’ve been students of policy, policy makers and policy implementers. At every stop we hit the same road block of not being able to quickly gather and analyze the necessary data in a cost effective manner. We spent most of our time wrangling the data into a usable format and then analyzing it. With so much emphasis (and budget) spent on the gathering, little time was left to focus on what truly mattered - a solution.

More than anything we wanted to help our clients create and implement a strategy, derived from intelligent data analysis, that would lead to a successful and completed project. We wanted to see results. We were tired of settling for less…which led to our frustration.

It also led to Hexad.

We are passionate and we want what we do to make a difference. Who does not, right? For Hexad that difference means providing our clients with solution-driven strategies. In our industry that is a somewhat disruptive thought. For too long our industry has spent more of its resources on data and less on solutions. Our clients have ever-changing needs but our industry has not kept up. Everything around us is evolving yet the industry has remained relatively stagnant, delivering a product similar to that of twenty years ago – data without solutions.


Yes, we are a young company, but we’re a veteran and experienced team of experts. Our founding partners have worked on every side of the industry as data analysts, policy makers, advocates, consultants, inside government, as well as inside and outside the academy.

Rod Lewis PhD.
Economic Modeling & Data Analytics
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Martin Roddy
Web Development & Data Visualization
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William Scott
Software Engineering & Database Design
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Jocelyn Gallegos
Operations Management and Education
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