Think. Create. Do.

How We Think.

Different Is Good.

Improvements only happen when we look at the old in a new, different way. At Hexad our perspective is different. We realize that neither the data nor its analysis is the destination. Data analysis, successfully executed, produces a tool functionally reminiscent of an atlas. Like an atlas, the tool should, a) point the way, b) show the most efficient path, c) reveal the origin and termination of routes, and d) should never be the most expensive purchase made during the journey. Our perspective is simple to understand and simple to implement.

However, we’re kind of lonely here on our little atlas. Far too many of our competitors - data providers and analysts – try to make things too complex, hiding behind words like proprietary, confidential, and sophisticated. The result? Rather than lead to a path it often makes the analyst doubt the analysis.

It’s About Results.

At Hexad we do not just address the problems, we find and offer solutions. Yes, it begins with the data but data is not the end game. Data gives us the 30,000 ft. view. Analysis gives us a close-up look and allows us to convert the data into actionable intelligence…a strategy. Important as it is, data alone does not create any solutions.

In other words, Hexad, together with our clients, finds, creates and helps implement solutions. We arrive at destinations. If you simply want a journey you can get a roadmap, or atlas, anywhere. If you want to actually arrive at a destination, you need Hexad.

Using The Roadmap.

Like most of our competitors we provide data. And like most, we analyze that data. But neither the data nor its analysis is the destination; they simply provide the atlas, the road map. What makes Hexad different from our competitors is that we use this map and work closely with our clients to ensure that we all concentrate our efforts where the potential for discovering competitive advantages is high. For us the joy, and the challenge, lie in creating a data and analytics environment focused on outcomes.

Data Is Just Data.

Data is cheap these days. The steep drop in the cost of acquiring knowledge and data should allow most of the resources to be devoted to the development and implementation of solutions. But what does our industry do? It creates increasingly difficult, minutely accurate reports incomprehensible to anyone with less than twenty years of education in a quantitative field. Those with the practical experience, the ones best able to recognize links between analytical results and actionable solutions, are unable to understand the analysis.

  • " The electric light did not come from the continuous improvement of candles. "

  • - Oren Harari

What We Create.


We create partnerships with our clients and their communities. These partnerships have led to repeat customers and lasting business relationships. In fact, many of our customers have followed us throughout our work careers.

Analytic Tools.

We create tools for change. Over the past decade our team has developed a suite of data tools which allow us to more quickly analyze and understand the stories the data wants to tell us. The creation of these tools leaves our team with more time to better understand the nuances of each project.


Our primary focus is on working with our clients to find viable solutions to their complex problems.


Our studies create change in policy, businesses, states, counties and communities.

  • " If you always do what you always did, you will always get what you always got. "

  • - Albert Einstein

Things We Do.

Everything we do leads to one destination…a solution. A proper solution. Our techniques, experience and tools help guide our clients to informed decisions, assist workforce and economic development organizations, provide custom solutions through technology and assist organizations with creating educated strategies and increasing customer value.

It’s often the small things… we find the small, important, often overlooked details in the data that could have massive repercussions to the project if not properly applied. We then help guide, consult and train our clients through their project.

  1. We have developed proprietary analytic tools to help workforce and economic professionals make informed decisions.
  2. We assist workforce and economic development organizations assess their needs, impacts and gaps.
  3. Our experienced full stack web developers help provide solutions using custom web applications, to design data integration and analytic tools to mobile phone app.
  4. We provide political science solutions including survey research, strategic planning, data collection and research.